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Meet the Sauces

That One Guy

The Fixer

Dog Trainer - Chicken Wrestler - Voice Overs - Creator - Actor - Artist - Is well known to be one of the nicest assholes you could ever meet. Enjoys making music and long walks on the beach. He fiddles with things, but cannot play the fiddle. He wrestled his eye back from a chicken, and creates his own hats that are not for sale.

DJ Delux

Button Pusher

"Dj Delux is the ruler pon the city"! Dj Delux turned down the chance to be a button pusher in the late 90's. "Vinyl for life", he said. Now, he is pushing buttons in more ways then one, playing the keys, and pounding on the drums. Always evolving. Always creating. Always Delux.

Who are we?

Most will never know who we are. I think I know, that I don’t quite know. So, where to begin? We are Deluxsauce. A hand drawn coloring book filled with pages to read, and pages to color. Along with music. This is  where  it gets confusing. You got Dj Delux, Delux, and Deluxsauce. That is like, 3 of us, but there is only  one of me. We can make music of all kinds, host radio shows and podcasts. Along with a host of other powers from the bouncing toothpick, to opening portals above the house, and calling UFO’s, Delux is a strange one, and will probably curse in front of you.

What are clients have to say:

"Delux taught me to do all kinds of things like jump, sit, stay, and I can even dance. I can walk across 3 meters of tight rope. But my favorite thing to do is... Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark. Bite some one.... Bark Bark Bark"!
Chocolate Toes
Trained with Delux
"True story, Delux went to Egypt and walked passed a door that had my name carved in the stone. I passed away before he could tell me the story, but even though I was blind, he taught me how I could see".
Trained with That One Guy
"No one liked me in the beginning, but I didn't like anybody so it worked out. Delux never gave up on me, and taught me to swim even though I hated it. Now, I love it, and I can levitate balls with my mind". #ThrowDemBalls
I even drove an RV at the casino

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